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I am so grateful you are here. Please find me at Suite 5, 120 Watline Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 2C1   Phone:  416-477-5673


Maureen Tabuchi is not your average lawyer/entrepreneur. “I love helping people and every new client is a new friend.”

Her firm, Tabuchi Law Professional Corporation, provides legal services in the areas of Advanced Estate Planning, Trusts, and Probate. She moonlights by providing professionals with the best and most current continuing education credit courses. Prior to her current passion as your “lawyer for life,” Maureen worked in the fast paced thrill of Mergers and Acquisitions Tax with Ernst & Young, LLP on Bay Street.

Others areas of Maureen’s practice include investment real estate, Intellectual property, business, and Friendly divorce ( yes – its possible. I’m writing the book :)

Areas of Practice: Advanced Estate Planning, Wills and Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Investment Real Estate, Private Mortgages, Business Start-ups, Intellectual Property, Friendly Divorce,

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